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IDEAS Show X Fukuoka

7 三月 2016

Sponsored by the Fukuoka municipal government, through the Japan-ups Nulab, entrepreneurial community iiiNNO and Taiwan Institute for Information Industry jointly organized by Ideas Show “to start to go to Japan – Fukuoka,

Japan Visit x Ides Show @Fukuoka sea election", held today in Taiwan finals. Run by the Fukuoka municipal government business service organization Startup Cafe, would like to invite 10 groups, will be specifically set up companies to develop Taiwan’s new team record in Fukuoka, Japan within the next six months to the study, in addition to hope that the new record company in Fukuoka landing outside eventually we hope to import Taiwan’s creative energy, innovation and entrepreneurship to start in Fukuoka ecosystem.

Today a total of 12 to enter the final of the newly created group team, the whole process of the final video, in addition to review by the Taiwan side score, the movie will be handed over to the Japanese side evaluation score, the results of the two sides after the unification February 5, 2016 winning team selected 10 groups , sponsored by the Fukuoka municipal government funding in March to Japan to participate in the new music stars and record a series of exchange activities and travel itinerary by the Fukuoka municipal government arrangements.

In particular, today’s final visit to Japan can be selected in addition to the “Japan Development Award", but also a combination of other entrepreneurial activity and resources as a winning bonus。